Our Story

Since I’ve taken the leap and decided to share our journey with all of you, I’d like to start from the beginning.

After my husband and I were married in 2008, we made the decision that we wanted to try to get pregnant in 2010. We felt ready, or as ready as we were ever going to be. Unfortunately, we had a miscarriage within the first two months of trying.

The experience broke my heart. Due to complications from the miscarriage we had to wait even longer to try and conceive. It ended up taking much longer than we ever imagined – about two years. Anyone who has had a hard time getting pregnant knows first hand how much it over comes your entire being. My love goes out to anybody who is experiencing this presently.

During this time, I begged and pleaded for the universe to bring me my child. My friends can attest to this, as they provided many shoulders to cry on after nights when I’d had a few too many glasses of wine! One thing that always made me feel better throughout this period of waiting was a spiritual concept I held onto that our babies choose us. I had this idea that all the souls and spirits of babies were sitting above us in the sky and were just waiting for the perfect people, and the perfect timing, to come be a part of a family.

Avery chose us in July 2011.

The day after his 1st birthday we discovered he had Down syndrome. This blog is our story of how our son has changed our life. He has changed it for the better. Thank you for joining me on this journey full of raw emotions, fierce love, and watching as Avery provides meaning to lessons we never knew we needed to learn.

Photo Credit~Hilary Northcraft

Photo Credit~Hilary Northcraft

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