The Down Syndrome Diary

Months back I stumbled upon a blog. I was immediately in love with Jamie’s writing style as it was unpretentious and down to earth. The more blogs I begin to follow, the more connected and understood I feel, and reading all about Jamie’s struggles and triumphs in her own journey in turn justified my own. Read all about sweet Benny and his amazing parents Here!

When Jamie announced her idea to begin a down syndrome diary I couldn’t sign up fast enough. Something inside of me was convinced it could be groundbreaking and I did not want to pass up the opportunity. In a way, I saw it as my first step into the community, and wanted my voice to be included. The idea is this:

An actual physical journal will be passed from person to person crossing the globe internationally, to be filled with snapshots as to what our lives are like as parents to a child with down syndrome. The end result being that it is published, and end up in the hands of any and all- especially parents who have just received a diagnosis. It is a sacred book that reveals our truths of how incredibly rich our lives are, and will give new parents hope during a time when they may need it the most.

The added beauty of this project is that in this day and age everything is electronic. Holding the journal and physically writing down my thoughts held a more intimate feeling. There is nothing better in the world than to snuggle up with a blanket, a cup of coffee, and pour your thoughts onto paper. Having this opportunity also gave me an excuse to reflect even deeper within myself to uncover just how far I have come in this journey. It felt like a gentle pat on the back, telling myself “You have done a good job.” I needed that.

I will admit I had a difficult time finishing up and sending it off. This journal feels incredibly important to me, and I put great significance and value on the words I chose to write knowing it could possibly change someones opinions, or be the only source of comfort when the future is unknown and scary.

I am beyond honored to write beside some amazing mothers and fathers. All of our voices combined have the potential to break stereotypes and shatter myths. Its time to show the world that our lives are pretty damn wonderful.We are just ordinary people with extraordinary children.


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