Blog Hop: Golden Moments

Moments when my kitchen is filled with loud conversations full of passion, and barely enough room to move. When in an instant I am reminded that although my path may be different, Avery is still surrounded by the good stuff. The stuff that really matters.

Moments when another child with Down Syndrome tells me that Avery is special, and the purest meaning of the word is held tight in my heart.

Moments when I can hear my husband and my son wrestling almost every evening. Avery’s loud and fast giggle and Jeremy’s best baby voice. The sounds of love.

Moments when my father walks into the room and Avery’s eyes light up so big and I can literally feel my fathers heart fill the room and I find myself catching my breath. Love so big you can physically feel it when you are in the room.

Moments when my mom softly sings the words to the Beatles song “Long and Winding Road” to rock Avery to sleep. I hope I can be half the mother she is.

Moments when Ashton walks into the house and before he even puts his bag down he asks where Avery is.

Moments when another mother tells me they understand.

Moments when I am showing him how to put on his shoes and although he’s not very close to being able to do it he watches so intently that I know he is trying really hard.

Moments when the world is shut out and all that exists is us laying in bed. Avery is just Avery, and we are just ordinary people doing the best we can…


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