My How You’ve Grown~ Moments In Photos


On Mother’s Day this year my husband took the camera and caught some wonderful shots of Avery and I. Since I know how much everyone loves seeing photo’s of Avery I decided to post my first photo essay and just let the photos speak for themselves. While looking through them myself, an old Natalie Merchant song kept playing in my mind so i have added the lyrics.



My how you’ve grown.

I remember those words from my childhood days too.


Just wait and see.

I remember those words

and how they chided me.


When patient was the hardest thing to be…


Because we can’t make up

for the time that we’ve lost.


I must let these memories provide….


No little boy will stop his world and wait for me.

but in that space of time it takes so long .

Every time we say goodbye

Your frozen in my mind

as the child that you never will be…

You never will, be again.

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