Avery Arrives!


I had an extremely uncomplicated pregnancy and my labor was one to be envied. My contractions began on Easter of 2012 and with my brother, parents, my husband Jeremy, and two good friends by my side, Avery came into the world at 9pm on Monday, April 9th. At first he had some issues latching and also had jaundice, which led to the need for us to stay in the hospital for three days.

Once home, nursing was a struggle. At one point we were pumping and using a syringe to gather as much colostrum as possible. For the next few months I pumped, bottle-fed and continued to try to nurse multiple times a day. Avery was not gaining weight and worry quickly set in. As a first-time mom, I’m sure it’s common to over-worry and constantly fear that you are not doing something right. I had him weighed on a weekly basis and also sought help with lactation consultants regularly.

Looking back, it was a lot to handle in the beginning but I was in survival mode and just had to do my best. If I could tell any new mother anything, it would be, “You are doing a good job.” I remember hearing those words on a few occasions and each time it felt as though it was permission to let out a sigh of relief, and just for a moment, a little bit of weight was lifted off of my shoulders.

Other than his complications with feeding, Avery was an angel baby. He slept through the night at nine weeks and rarely cried. He looked just like daddy and other than growing a little slower than average, he was simply perfect.

Photo Credit~ Heleyna Holmes Photography

Photo Credit~ Hilary Northcraft

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